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Lynx Mobile

Learn how Lynx Mobile can help you optimize infusion room drug inventory, minimize waste, and captures all drug charges.


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McKesson Specialty Health

McKesson Specialty Health offers community-based rheumatology practices the flexibility to choose from a broad array of services. We work with practices to improve purchasing efficiency, enhance productivity, and support patient care.


Our practice management, infusion management, consulting, and business building solutions keep rheumatology practices at the forefront of excellent, efficient care delivery. If you would like to learn more about our offerings for rheumatology practices, you can call us at 855-477-9800 or click here.


Download a brochure featuring our comprehensive solutions for rheumatology

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Onmark GPO

McKesson Specialty Health's Group Purchasing Organization, the Onmark GPO, conducts negotiations with manufacturers and suppliers on behalf of its members, often enabling enhanced savings. Additionally, GPO members access a variety of clinical tools and resources. Learn more about joining the Onmark GPO today!

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intraFUSION Infusion Management

Focus on practicing medicine and leave the drug infusion management to us. From set up and expert oversight to reporting and payment, intraFUSION provides everything your practice needs to establish and manage a successful office-based infusion therapy center. We’re the largest and most experienced infusion management community partner to rheumatology practices, helping to enhance patient care, improve practice operations, and grow practice revenue. With intraFUSION, you can be confident that your patients and business are well cared for.